How long will my bag of dog food last?


Here at Gilbertson & Page we’re often asked how long a bag of dog food will last. Dog food kibbles have a long shelf life (up to a year for all our ranges) if stored in their original packaging in cool, dry conditions, however, we recommend that the pack is used up within four to six weeks once opened.

Once opened, re-sealing the pack after each time of use or transferring the contents to an air-tight container will help to keep the kibbles as fresh as possible and maximise their aroma and flavour retention. Exposure to sunlight, heat and especially moisture will increase how quickly they spoil and go rancid.

If you need help with how long it will take your dog to finish their bag of food, it’s a simple calculation. First, look at how much you are feeding on a daily basis and divide the bag size by this. As a rough estimate though, there’s a guide below:


Dog size Daily amount How long a 15kg of Dr John Gold will last How long a 4kg of Dr John Gold will last
Small – 5kg 100g 150 days (5 months) 40 days  (1.5 months)
Medium – 10kg 200g 75 days  (2.5 months) 20 days  (3 weeks)
Large – 20kg 370g 41 days (1.5 months) 11 days  (1.5 week)
Giant –45 kg 680g 22 days  (3 weeks) 6 days  (1 week)