How to minimise the effects of fireworks at home for your dog


Firework displays may be a little reduced this year, some of the larger public firework displays may not go ahead due to Covid uncertainties and when it comes to private displays, supply issues abound, reports of 70% reduced stock are coming through from wholesalers, so limited availability is likely. 

However, it’s still important to think of our dogs at this time of year.  Here’s a reminder of our tips on how to minimise the effects of fireworks at home for your dog:

  • Keep your dog inside for the evening, try a good walk before it gets dark and final let out late in the evening when all the fireworks have stopped.
  • If for any reason you and your dog have to leave the house after dark, then keep him/her on a secure lead and try to minimise the time exposed to the fireworks as much as possible.
  • Give him or her somewhere to hide, not blocked in but a safe corner or covered crate where they can come and go as needed.
  • Make sure the house is escape-proof and be extra vigilant around opening the door to make sure your dog stays in.
  • Minimise the effects of the fireworks as much as possible. The television or radio can mask the noise. Drawing the curtains can reduce noise and lights as well, and distractions like chews or puzzle toys may keep your dog’s attention inside rather than on what is happening outside.
  • Stay with your dog whilst the fireworks are going off, if your dog panics and tries to escape they could cause harm to themselves or destruction to the house.

Fear of fireworks is very common in dogs, the PDSA’s latest report found that 40% of dogs were afraid of fireworks. If you know your dog is affected then there are medications and de-sensitising techniques that your vet can suggest to help beforehand.