Dogs and fitness part two


With a shortened season due to COVID last year and the Glorious 12th firmly behind us, those of us lucky enough to be involved in a partridge shoot may have started their first few days already. This means that you will have been steadily starting your dog’s fitness probably in July. That glint in the eye and cock of the head when our dog’s figure out the fitness plan has begun fills our hearts with joy. Watching them trying to give 100% at half fitness brings a smile to our faces, carefully strategizing how to get them fit and injury free ready for the first day is crucial.


We must think about the long runs that can occur with your picking up dog as it go’s for a beautiful gliding partridge on its way down far in the distance. This means we must think about how we can achieve peak fitness and stamina for this job. Not only should we consider the fitness we want but how we can get there, feeding the correct diet to allow this level of fitness and sustain it is paramount.


Dr John Titanium can not only guide us along the way to achieving this fitness level but can also help to sustain our dogs over the day to achieve those long runs that makes us and them so happy. With higher protein and oil levels, it is a diet that we can all rely on to allow our dogs to pick that bird and put a smile on your guns face and say ‘I’ve found your bird’.