How much to feed Mum


We’ve had several enquires come in from owners whose dogs are expecting new pups or have just had them the past couple of weeks. Whilst it’s a very exciting time for both you and your dog, feeding the right amount becomes even more important to ensure everyone is getting enough food, both mum and the pups she needs to feed!

The right food will help, typically a higher energy, higher nutrient content will be the best solution especially if there are a lot of pups for her to feed. Often moving onto the puppy food itself can help as our Dr John Puppy is rich in nutrients and energy dense and this way the pups are getting the same food as they will later, just converted by their mum into milk to start with.

Regarding the amount, she’ll need more as the weeks go by and the pups really start to grow, the table below is a guide to how much more she might need depending on the litter size and her condition. We recommend adjusting these amounts to the individual and try frequent meals or ad-lib feeding for her if suitable.

After Birth

Maintenance Amount

Week 1 100-140%
Week 2 180%
Week 3-5 250-300%
Up to Weaning 250-300%


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