Greyhound Requirements


Greyhounds are the ultimate athletes, designed for speed and acceleration they can reach top speeds of 45 miles an hour in under six strides from a standing start. Yet as a contrast, they also make wonderful pets, typically gentle, laid-back, sofa-loving dogs, happy with a good walk every day and a garden for pottering. 

Greyhounds are thought to be the oldest breed of domesticated dog; their history goes back thousands of years to the time of the Pharaohs. Their abilities to hunt by sight and speed have made them valuable companions to us over the years that followed.

Greyhounds often suffer from sensitive digestion and drier skin, so hypoallergenic diets with good levels of essential oils often suit their digestion and coat. Whilst their unusual mouth shape means dental health can be an issue, so feeding a dry food to help abrade the surface of the teeth and clear off plaque alongside a regular dental routine will help to keep teeth clean and health. There can be quite a range in size and weight, healthy Greyhounds can weigh between 25-40kg, but they tend to have a slimmer physique than other dogs, so careful feeding is important to keep them in optimum health and condition.

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