When to neuter your dog


Neutering is not always an easy or quick decision to make, even if you are not planning to breed from your dog. There can be benefits to neutering in terms of prevention of some cancers, pyometra, prostate disease and aggressive behaviours, but it is a surgical operation that should be carried out in a veterinary surgery and will take some recovery time, so timing this to be appropriate for you and your dog can be a challenge. 

A recent study in California has highlighted how important the timing is for neutering. They found that neutering some breeds of dogs too early could increase the risks of developing certain cancers and joint disease and for some breeds leaving neutering until after 1 year of age was best (for example male Boston terriers).

After neutering for most dogs it will take up to 7-10 days for complete recovery and back to normal activity levels, but the hormonal changes that have taken place decrease their metabolic rate, so neutered dogs will need to be fed slightly less than before to prevent weight gain. For dogs that struggle with their weight and appetite, moving onto a light or lower fat diet like Dr John Silver is often a better option than reducing their meal sizes.