Dr. John Merlin Ferret Food Testimonial


We recently received the following testimonial from Will regarding how well his ferrets are doing on our food Dr. John Merlin Ferret Food.

When we originally got our ferrets they all were in poor condition when we got them, due to poor diet Bill and Ted’s fur was not only dirty yellow but was rough as straw, which as you can see, they are now almost pure white!

Ru is the main man, head honcho of them all and our first ferret, he is approx 8-10 yrs old, so is an old man now!

Greta is just over two, and the only ferret that we know her age, she was a kit when we got her at only eight weeks old. And all the other ferrets we have absolutely no idea how old they are!

We’ve rescued them all from a place called Last Chance Coventry Ferret Rescue, a charity very close to our hearts, we help fundraise for them, a very small charity.

Now all of them literally feel like silk and as soft as soft can be, and it is 90% down to the diet of this amazing food.

The quality of the food is far, far superior to any of the other ferret kibbles out there and the only one I’ve found where the kibble isn’t oblong-shaped, so I wish to commend you on a) the quality of the kibble and it’s ingredients (ferrets being so complex) and b) and also commend you on the “design” of the shape and kibble size.

I now have eight very happy and healthy rescue ferrets, their teeth and gums are top notch, their toilet habits are perfect and virtually never any tummy issues and their coats are really, really shiny.

I care deeply about ferrets and I want to thank you for such an amazing product. I virtually never had to take any of them to the vets, so it is absolutely excellent value for money. 

Thank you, Will, for sharing this story with us!

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