Effects of lockdown on dogs


Have you noticed changes in your dog since the lockdown began? Aspects of their life and routine will have changed and whilst our dogs will love having us at home, they may struggle to adapt to some of the changes. 

Now, they may have constant companions. Whereas before the lockdown, a good part of their day was probably spent resting and pottering around, now they may have continuous noise and activity throughout the day. Trying to give them quiet times may help, and keeping their beds out of high-traffic areas may let them get their rest when needed.

Our dogs often know us better than we think, so they are likely to quickly pick up on the new anxieties and stresses that we’re dealing with, so you may find your dog is more anxious and wants more attention and reassurance than normal because of this. 

Their social behaviour may be affected as they can no longer be taken round for visits to friends or families & meeting other dogs will have stopped too. Instead their world has compressed down like ours, which may make them more desperate to break out and socialise with other dogs, chase wild animals or bark at the additional noises from neighbours etc. Tolerance with these behaviours may be best, as they are hopefully temporary, but keeping up with their training and daily walks may help to remind your dog of the behaviour you want, and still give them some level of freedom.