Inka the Labrador’s New Senior Diet


Inka the Labrador had been using Dr John Silver for 8 years. However she is now a bit stiffer with age and needs more digestive support. We were more than happy to help choose a new senior diet.

While Dr John Silver is fine to continue feeding. Our adult diets are designed for adults and seniors depending on what issues may develop. Some seniors have problems with digestion and in these cases need a more nutrient rich diet like Dr John Titanium, but for the majority their activity and overall metabolism dips and therefore they will do better on a low fat, lighter diet like Dr John Silver. 

If you notice signs of arthritis or joint stiffness creeping in, then we do have a diet with joint support (Gilpa Kennel) which contains beneficial herbs and NZ green lipped mussel extract. These ingredients can help with inflammation around the joints and with overall joint health and recovery.

As you can see Inka is excited to choose her new senior diet!

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