What does Brexit mean for your dog?


In the coming months we will understand more as the negotiations take place but here’s what we know now.

Travelling with your dog

Up until the 31st December 2020, the current system of pet passports will continue. After December, the UK will become a third country, of which there are three categorisations within the EU travel system so we will find out soon which of these will apply. Of these, the worst-case scenario is Unlisted where a 4-month delay before travelling could apply. If you have plans to travel in early 2021 we recommend keeping your vet up to date with your plans so they can pass on information as needed, and set reminders for key dates and times.

Veterinary medicines

Short-shelf life medicines or those with seasonal demand could be affected by customs processes after December 2020, but due to their importance it likely that movement of medicines will be a key part of the Brexit trade negotiations. For dogs on long-term medicines, it’s worth always keeping a reasonable supply at home (well out of reach of dogs as some are designed to be extra palatable) and reviewing long-term medication and treatment with your vet on a regular basis.

Pet foods

New customs processes will be in place for January 2021, which could affect the movement of pet food across to Europe or back to us. However, the full implications aren’t known yet and equally what we can do to streamline the processes.