Top 10 Gifts For The Dog That Has Everything


It’s that magical time of year again! Christmas will be here in no time, so let’s start thinking about food, presents, trees and decorations. In all the hustle and bustle, don’t forget to treat your canine companion to a little, or big, something, especially if he or she is a family pet.

Children or grandchildren will love the idea that Father Christmas leaves a present for their beloved hound. They could even write a letter on its behalf! If your dog has been a good boy this year, staying to heel, not chewing your shoes and leaving the postman alone, you might like to treat them to something extra special. Here’s our round up of the best buys out there for pampered pooches, for those dogs who already have everything (or you thought they had!):

Image courtesy of BowWowCouture1) Clip-on Collar

For the dog about town, how about a super-stylish clip on collar and tie from BowWowCouture‘s Etsy shop (shown above)? Available in a range of designs, from the gentlemanly fox shown here to smart stripes and checks to rock’n’roll skull and crossbones, all of BowWowCouture’s products are handmade and designed to be easily fixed to your dog’s collar. They might be Florida-based, but they ship to the UK, and surely that just makes it even more exclusive, dahling!

Image courtesy of Hannah at Jewellcollect2) Personalised Dog Tag

The perfect addition to your beloved pet’s collar is a handmade, personalised, silver dog tag by JewellCollect, also on Etsy. Pet tags are just a small part of a whole range of beautiful jewellery handcrafted by Hannah, so why not tick more than one name off your Christmas shopping list and treat the special human in your life too?

Muddy Paws Dog Jackets3) Dog Jacket

In the cold, damp, winter weather what could be cosier than a dog jacket from Muddy Paws? The range caters for a wide variety of tastes and uses, with fleece jackets in a multitude of colours, hi vis jackets for night time rambles, highland tartan, cosy knits and waterproof outers. For the dog who has everything though, they’ll be walking with their head held high in a practical but classy waxed dog jacket or traditional tweed dog coat in snazzy pink or smart green tweed.

Image courtesy of Inner Wolf4) Bike Dog Basket

Do you own a small dog that can’t run far? Worry about them getting trampled in busy town centres? Perhaps you have a puppy that hasn’t had all its jabs and isn’t allowed out for walks yet? Don’t despair, Inner Wolf have a solution that will solve all of these problems. The dog bike basket removes the risk of your dog bailing out at any moment, whilst allowing you to cover more miles than puppies or small dogs can manage.

iFetch Dog Toy5) iFetch Dog Exerciser

If the weather is really too bad to go out, but you have a dog desperate to run off some energy, then the iFetch (see above) could be your dream solution. This innovative toy fires small tennis balls for your dog to fetch, keeping them entertained whilst you are busy or out of the house. It can be used indoors or out, so it’s perfect to pop out in the garden on a dry day too.

Image courtesy of Inner Wolf6) Dog Puzzle

The Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Mazee Ball from Inner Wolf (shown above) will give them plenty of mental stimulation too. Simply place a couple of small dog treats, or some kibble from their daily portion, inside the ball and the dog will have to negotiate the food through a small maze before it falls out of the large, outer perspex ball.

Large Poi Dog Bed7) Large Dog Bed

If you’re looking for something comfortable and amazingly hard-wearing, you probably can’t go far wrong with the very large Poi Dog dog beds. We like the combination of tough, washable fabrics, good looks and fleece liner to pamper your dog.

Image courtesy of Alessi8) Designer Dog Bowl

Italian design icon Alessi makes feeding time fun with their Lupita and Lula dog bowls. The Lula (shown above) features a cute howling hound perched on the lid, which also appears on the Lulajar, a dog food storage jar that accompanies the bowl and completes the look. Alessi have similar offerings for cat owners in the Mio bowl and Miojar, whilst the Tigrito cat bowl is hard for cat-lovers to resist.

Image courtesy of Inner Wolf9) Posh Water for Dogs

We all know how important fresh water is for dogs – and Inner Wolf come up trumps again. Not only is the Drinkwell Avalon 360 water fountain (shown above) stylish with its white ceramic and clean lines, but it’s also hugely practical; filtering water, making it fresher and cleaner than water in standard dog water bowls.

Dr John Silver Dog Food10) Dog Food!

And, nearly last but certainly not least, you wouldn’t expect your dog to wake up on Christmas morning without something to see them through the day, would you? Our advice is simply to stock up on enough of their favourite Gilbertson & Page diet to see them through the festive period!

For the finishing touch, if your dog is pampered enough to need a stocking to leave out on Christmas Eve, Personalised Gifts Shop sell pet stockings embroidered with ‘Your Dog’s Name believes in Santa Paws’. You see, there really isn’t a dog who has EVERYTHING!

Whatever you and your dog get up to over Christmas, and whatever Santa brings, the team at Gilbertson & Page wish you a Happy one.