Gilbertson and Page: A Well-Deserved Reputation


Since 1873, over 140 years ago, Gilbertson and Page have had a reputation for manufacturing high-quality dog food in the UK. So good in fact that they have a Royal Warrant and customers who rely on them for nutritionally-balanced dog food for working dogs and pets. Read on to discover what makes Gilbertson and Page such a reliable brand when it comes to choosing dog food?

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The company has a long history of manufacturing carefully-formulated dog feeds for working dogs; sheep dogs, gun dogs, police dogs or indeed any adult dog that needs and deserves the best. They employ a highly-qualified canine nutritionist in the laboratory at their factory, which is one of the few genuine UK-based manufacturers of dog food. This has created, over more than a century, a reputation for authenticity and trustworthiness that many other businesses would dearly love to share. At its core, this reputation is based upon consistently providing good quality animal feed that is made using the best practices and with superior ingredients. Now many manufacturers would probably claim something similar, but its the focus on tailoring feeds to the varied nutritional needs of dogs that sets Gilbertson & Page apart from the usual ‘best ingredients’ claims of others.

It’s also important to recognise that the food a dog eats today will influence their long-term health, so all the feeds, whether its Dr John, Arkwrights, Heritage or Gilpa, contain appropriate levels of supplements, vitamins and minerals to maintain good health as well as actively prolong the lifetime of a dog.

International Brace Champion

Most dog owners will be unaware of the company’s rather low-key approach to sponsoring and supporting breed associations, dog clubs and all sorts of dog-related fundraising, especially in the UK. It’s being going on for years and hundreds of events and projects have received support. If you’d like to see more of what goes on, some of these activities are highlighted on Facebook.

Two of the significant relationships that warrant a mention are with the International Sheep Dog Society and Border Collie Rescue. just two examples of the support and sponsorship they offer to many institutions that in turn offer support and activities to the owners of sporting and working dogs; passing on the benefit of the knowledge gained since 1873 of working breeds’  dietary requirements and how to feed to condition. Despite that experience, they also stay abreast of current research into canine nutrition to ensure that their dog foods continue to retain nutritional advantages, whether that is by using a new production technique or a recently discovered ingredient offering more nutritional benefit. This work is being aided by the building, in 2014, of a new lab for feed formulation and testing.

One of Gilbertson and Page’s most popular brands and products is Heritage, which as the name suggests, is a premium, tailored brand centred firmly on Gilbertson & Page’s comprehensive knowledge of feeding. It is a brand which caters for the whole life cycle of a dog, from puppy to working adult to senior dog, and for breeding and nursing mothers and dogs with digestive problems.

Heritage Adult Dog FoodHeritage Growth is specially formulated for breeding, pregnant and nursing mothers as well as puppies and junior dogs. It has the highest protein levels of the Heritage range at 27%. Its joint and bone complex is of great benefit to mothers, whose joints and bones will be under strain whilst carrying puppies, not to mention aiding the developing skeletons of puppies and junior dogs. A carefully chosen array of other ingredients provide the correct levels of vitamins and minerals to support new growth.

Heritage Adult has everything a sporting, working or still active senior dog needs to stay healthy and full of energy all day, including higher protein levels of 25% and higher fat and oil levels of 15%, a joint complex to maintain healthy joints and immune support from optimum levels of vitamins A, D and E. It also includes other minerals such as zinc for good eyesight and manganese for ligament health as well as Omega 3 and 6 to promote a healthy skin and coat.

Heritage Sensitive caters specifically for those dogs with delicate digestive systems that are unable to tolerate wheat, wheat gluten or struggle to digest chicken-based dog food. Dogs with sensitive stomachs can experience great discomfort on a normal dog food diet, with loose stools and excessive flatulence also causing problems for dogs and owners alike. Heritage Sensitive is rich in naturally preserved lamb and uses whole grain barley and rice instead of wheat for its cereal constituent. It also contains a prebiotic to aid digestion. Most importantly however the formulation doesn’t compromise on the protein levels and fat and oil levels necessary for working and active adult dogs, managing to achieve the optimum 25% protein levels and 15% fat and oil levels that are found in Heritage Adult.

Heritage Senior/Light caters for those dogs that have retired from working life or those that are overweight. After spending their lives working hard and being trusty companions for their owners, older dogs are rewarded with the best diet as they age. As older dogs become less active they have a tendency to gain weight which puts extra, unnecessary strain on joints that may already be suffering from old age. The formulation of white ocean fish and rice, with slightly lower protein levels and fat and oil levels, is also perfect for overweight dogs who may need a lighter diet with controlled portion sizes until they are at their optimum weight. Heritage Senior/Light also contains a joint and bone complex of New Zealand green lipped mussel extract, ayurvedic herbs and orthosilicic acid, which is perfect for protecting joints and bones which may be under strain from old age or carrying too much extra weight. Other senior/light dog foods which have lower fat levels often compromise in other areas of dog health that require fats and oils, such as their healthy skin and coat. Heritage Senior/Light contains a balance of Omega 6 and 3 to maintain a healthy skin and coat without the extra fat.

As a family-run firm of dog lovers, the Gilbertson and Page team are paaionate when it comes to looking after not just their own dogs, but also their customers’ dogs. With 140 years of dog food manufacturing under their belt and products such as the Heritage range as an example of their skills, it is easy to see why Gilbertson and Page continue to be the ‘go-to’ supplier for many experienced owners.

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