Heritage Dog Feeds Go Down Smoothly at Danish Game Fair


The title is very contrived, we know, so apologies if it made you cringe! The good news is that Gilbertson & Page’s expanding Heritage range really did get a good reception at it’s first major public outing in Denmark.

The Game Fair was held just over a week ago at the rather fairy-tale setting of Gram Castle, a venue that’s well-known in Denmark as a centre for fishing, hunting and pretty much anything that’s outdoors-related. The G & P ‘team’ was led by our Danish distributor, Erik Aalund, who was ably supported by Piotr Grono, Gilbertson & Page’s export manager, and ‘the boss’, Richard Ware. Our strong attendance is becuase we place a lot of emphasis on getting to know our customers and that’s just as true of international markets as it is of the UK. Not surprisingly, they often have different needs and attitudes to those that we might regard as ‘normal’.

As always with game fairs, it’s very difficult to capture the buzz and excitement of an event where most of the action is outside the tents, but here are a couple of photos of the set-up (looks a lot like a UK game fair, doesn’t it!):

gram castle country pursuits eventDanish Game Fair

Heritage Sensitive Dog FeedThe most important aspect of the show for Gilbertson & Page was to see whether the excellent reaction to the Heritage range of dog feeds in other markets would translate to Denmark. The reaction of owners and breeders was especially important to Piotr Grono, as he has been overseeing Heritage’s introduction in a number of European countries.  He said that there had been a lot of interest in the new products from a fairly knowledgeable set of visitors. In particular, the presence of feed formulations for conditions that are often associated with older dogs made a lot of owners visit the display to find out more.

Of course, being a game fair (officially, the Gram Castle Hunting and Outdoor Fair), it wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t include a picture of some chain-saw sculpting – always a hit with children!

chain saw sculpture at gram castle

It looks like an owl to me!

If you’d like more information about the Heritage range or our overseas distribution network, please get in touch on +44 (0) 1707 339221 or email

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