A Fond Farewell to David Lodge, a Familiar Face at Sheepdog Trials


After 18 years of service to Gilbertson & Page and 15 years attending International Sheep Dog Trials Society Finals, it’s no surprise that David Lodge has become one of the most recognised and respected figures in his field. It is therefore fitting that his  ‘swan song’ at the event should be marked by a special presentation with Jim Easton, the Society’s Chair, officiating.

David Lodge ISDT Presentation

A Fond Farewell to David Lodge, a Familiar Face at Sheepdog Trials

The Finals at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire were, once again, supported by Gilbertson & Page as a Principal Sponsor and gave David ample opportunity to catch-up with the many people he knows in the sheepdog trials world and to represent the company in their support for a number of awards. This included the engraved tankards presented to the International Young Handlers class, including Caleb O’Keefe, the Young Handlers Champion, with Tess (far left of the picture).

ISDT International Young Handlers

In addition to his work in the sheepdog world,  David was also well-known to breeders of Chinese Crested dogs and was active in their Associations. This was in addition to his tireless work around the UK’s dog shows and there can’t be too many people in the UK’s canine world that haven’t bumped into him at one time or another.

As he retires, David has warm thanks from everyone at Gilbertson & Page and probably many more people outside the company.