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Breed Profile – Dogue de Bordeaux

History of Breed: An ancient French breed, also known as the French Mastiff, Bordeaux Mastiff or Bordeauxdog, the Dogue de Bordeaux is a very large, muscular breed of dog that was originally bred to pull carts, guard properties and flocks of sheep, hunt and fight. Dogues were shown at the first French dog show in 1863…

Image courtesy of Charlotte Tudor

Breed Profile – German Shorthaired Pointer

History of Breed: It is thought that the German Shorthaired Pointer is descended from a collection of breeds known as ‘bird dogs’ that came to the UK following World War Two. One of the HPR (Hunt Point Retrieve) gundog breeds they are perfectly suited to hunting both on land and in water. They are strong and…

Image courtesy of Alison Tallentire

Breed Profile – Jack Russell Terrier

As promised, here’s another of our introductions to popular active dog breeds. For our second article, it’s the rather fabulous and energetic Jack Russell Terrier! History: A very popular dog, the Jack Russell Terrier originates from dogs bred by the Reverend John Russell in the 19th century. With similar ancestors to the Fox Terrier, as…